The basic dye sublimation process uses special heat-sensitive dyes to print graphics, text, and virtually any image onto special transfer paper. Then the pre-cut fabric pattern of apparel item is placed on the transfer paper and both are set into a heat press.


When the heating cycle is completed, the graphic on the paper has been transferred into the blank pattern panel as if the fabric has been dyed. Run your finger across the surface of a sublimated garment and you will feel nothing but the fabric.


Dye sublimation is always done on a polyester, polymer, or polymer-coated item. In the case of team uniforms,100% polyester garments are used for best quality printing. At high temperatures, the solid dye vaporizes into a gas without ever becoming a liquid. The same high temperature opens the pores of the polyester fabric and allows the dye vapor to enter. When the temperature cools, the pores close and the gas reverts to a solid state trapping the dye into the fiber of the fabric. It has now become a permanent part of the fabric


The benefits of sublimation in the making of sports apparel is in it's flexibility and durability. Sublimated apparel can utilize endless colors, logos, numbers and graphic elements. Each garment can be 100% customized to suit the need of a particular sport or team.


Since all elements of the garment are now encompassed within the fabric, there is no heat pressing, sewing, or screen printing of graphic elements such as logos, team names, numbers etc. This removes the guess work and the inevitability of these elements of fading, cracking or peeling.


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